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Hi! I'm Resume Jane!

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Ok, so here’s the thing… I’m not your average resume writer… I’m fun, bubbly, very upbeat and I drink a boatload of coffee every day.

If you are looking for a stuffy writer or a corporate company that will just treat you like a customer ID #… I’m not the service you are looking for.

BUT if you want a great resume service that will alleviate your stress, give you FANTABULOUS advice and provide you with a kickass Resume & LinkedIn profile… I’M YOUR GIRL!

On top of all of that… I’m not a newbie in the industry…I have been writing resumes for EONS! I’m pretty sure I have written for every industry and position possible!

And the very best thing – My clients GET INTERVIEWS- Guaranteed! That is something I love to brag about.

I’m gonna make you look like a total Rockstar in your industry. Let’s Get Started Today!

(347) 789-7926

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Be SO Good they HAVE to interview You!

Regardless of whether you are a new college grad or a C-Level Executive – You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression…. And it couldn’t be more true with your resume.

A great resume can open a door and if yours is anything less than PERFECT- it will quickly close the door on your dream job!

Career Changers? No problem…. Want to get that great C-level Executive position- I’ve gotcha covered. Do you teach? Are you a healthcare professional?

Are you in IT or Marketing, General Management, Retail, Sales or Real Estate?

Seriously- ANYTHING… I can help you get interviews! I am THAT good!

A GREAT Resume is like Eye Candy to Human Resource and Hiring Managers… from wording to format- it should be provocative and be eye-catching to the point that they are SOOO intrigued that you get the interview.

This is where I come in!

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