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I'm Not Your Average Resume Writer..... 😉

A lot of people like my cocky attitude. I tell it straight… I don’t sugar coat anything. If you need help with your resume, or need to refocus so you fit into the type of industry you want to get interviews with- I’m gonna tell you. My job is to make sure you are the ideal candidate. I write for all industries, all experience and at the end of the day- I am here to take your stress away. You focus on being awesome in the interview- I’ll make sure to get you there!

OK- so a little bit about me… I’ve been a Resume Writing Professional for over 12 yrs. I write for people all over the US and the world in fact, and I have never yet met a client that I could not help get an interview. I’m pretty darn awesome! Biased? Maybe- but it is true! I’m good at what I do! Matter of fact – I’m great!Let me connect your experience, build your professional showcase and create the most personalized Resume and LinkedIn profile possible.

I write for all industries, all experience and I LOVE what I do. I have seen it all. I have coached numerous clients just like you.

Mini Bio: I’m a writer, a mom of 6, a yoga chick, and I travel full time.

Nothing is out of my scope. Call me NOW to talk about how I can get you into interviews!

With Me… Getting a Resume is as Easy as 1-2-3!

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